Fraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar RealtorFraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar Realtor
Fraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar Realtor

Making Smart Real Estate Investments

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I bet you know of some people who claim to be real estate investors who either have a house that they have a hard time renting out. or that they subsidize monthly.

This is not my idea of Real Estate Investing. My idea of Real Estate Investing is having a property which has a very low vacancy rate if at all, and that pays you a monthly dividend.

There is no point in taking on risk of Real Estate Investment to only achieve a low return. There are many elements to making a smart, calculated investment.

I would love the opportunity to share with you some of the experience that I have gained working with some very savvy investors, as well as investing into Real Estate myself.

Why would you choose to deal with an Agent who themselves don't own an investment property?

Give me a call and I will gladly assist you in making a smart, profitable investment.