Fraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar RealtorFraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar Realtor
Fraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar Realtor

Cash flow and Return on Investment

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Having worked at the Credit Union for a number of years I have an intimate understanding of mortgages, investments and ROI's (Return on Investment). Couple that with my knowledge of Real Estate, and now I have become a source of knowledge for my clients who wish to pursue Real Estate Investments.

I myself am an investor - I have also worked with many investors who have taught me a tremendous amount about investing. I also mentor with some of the sharpest business people around to gain their insight and knowledge about investing.

Allow me to break investments down into an actual percentage returned on your invested amount. Many Realtors cannot perform these calculations as they do not have the financial background to assist them.

Give me a call and we'll sit down to discuss ROI's, CAP rates, cash flow, market appreciation and all sorts of fun stuff.