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Fraser Valley Real Estate, Ranj Takhar Realtor

My Why

Why I do what I do

Why did I become a Realtor? I want to help people live a good life.

I want to empower families to build financial wealth through real estate investment. By having no financial constraints on their lives, parents can spend the time needed to ensure that they are raising their children in the best possible manner. Time is worth more than money. If I can help my clients live a life where time is in abundance because their financial house is in order, then I can ensure that Mom will never miss a dance recital and Dad will never miss a ball game. Growing up without a father in my life has had a major impact in my life. My mother was a single mom who had to work full time while putting herself through university so that she could become a teacher. Having witnessed firsthand the pains of a single parent family with financial constraints, I vowed to never let myself or my loved ones feel the same pain.

The first ten years of my life were spent growing up in Sacramento, California with my mother, my three aunts and my grandparents all under one roof. I often tell people I was raised by a pack of women as my grandfather was always working. I grew up in a loving environment; I did not realize that something was missing until I joined cub scouts as a young boy. I realized the importance of having a father in my life when it came time to build my first wooden race car. Luckily, my best friend Mario lived next door. Mario's father, who we called Mr. Bob, was very welcoming – he treated me like one of his own sons when the time came to step into a father type role. My mom was a single mother who did the best she could given our circumstances to ensure I was raised properly. I have a fond respect for single mothers – my mother did a very good job of ensuring I was raised in a loving environment even though I did not have a father. Although money was not in abundance, my mother did a great job ensuring I had a good upbringing.

We moved to Abbotsford in 1994 and I continued my journey of growing up in a single parent environment. My mother continued working very hard to ensure that I did not miss out on any opportunities while growing up. When I was in my early twenties I felt the pain of financial constraint first hand. I had started my University Education while working full time. Money was not growing on trees and education is very costly. My mother did all that she could to assist me in paying for University, but even with her help and with me working full time it was not enough. If my father had been involved this would not have been an issue.

I completed two years of my business degree before changing directions; I had to put my formal education on hold for the time being. I worked a variety of different jobs before I bought into a trucking business when I was twenty-three. In one short year the market changed, the US dollar dropped and the truck that I had purchased had no shortage of mechanical problems. Long story short, the business put me in the hole in the amount of approximately $150,000.

Now I was 24 years old with a lot of life experience, half of my business degree and a $150,000 debt. After working various jobs I decided to follow my passion – people, relationships and sales. I have completed the Myers Briggs Personality Test three times in my life, first when I was 18, secondly when I was 22 and again when I was 24 years old. All three times the test indicated Real Estate Agent in the top three suggested professions for my personality type.

After starting my real estate career in 2009 I quickly realized what a significant impact I can have on people's lives as well as my own life. As a career, Real Estate allows me the flexibility that is required when the time comes for me to start my own family. Being a great father is extremely important to me having grown up without one. I realize now more than ever, that time is so much more important than money – but money does allow you to take the time needed for your loved ones. Real Estate has a funny way of rewarding those who are willing to work tirelessly for their clients – as 2010 RE/MAX Rookie of the Year I quickly realized that anything is possible if you put your entire energy and focus towards it.

I want more than anything to live a good life. I want to be a great Dad when the time comes; I want my family to be free of financial worries. I am building my business around empowering my friends, family and my clients to live a good life of their own. By providing sound Real Estate guidance and services that lead to financial profit, I can ensure that my clients can live the good life too – and this is why I am a Realtor.